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New Year, New Junebug

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Happy New Year everyone!  I’m hoping that 2014 will bring love and happiness for my friends and family and that there will be many adventures in store for Junebug, Baxter, and me (and a little love and happiness for us would be nice too).  🙂  I stayed in last night because I just didn’t feel like dealing with the hassle of going out.  It seems like New Year’s Eve is always such an ordeal and usually doesn’t quite turn out to be the “epic” night that you dreamed of. I feel like an old lady because I didn’t even make it until midnight! haha  Oh well, I feel pretty good today unlike many of my friends, I’m sure.

My project for today will be sewing curtains for Junebug.  I already have the material, so I just need to do the measuring and get sewing!  I will post some pictures of my progress.

….Nine hours later…

So, I got started on the curtains by bringing the material inside from the camper.  I started measuring everything because I wanted to make two panels for each window so they can open from the middle.  I realized soon after measuring each window that I didn’t have any white thread.  I decided I needed to make a trip to Target.

And.. since Best Buy was open and next to Target,  I thought, why not pop into Best Buy to see if they have the iPhone 5S in gold just one more time?  (they’ve been out the last five times I checked) What do you know, they had ONE left in stock so of course I had to buy it!  Luckily it was on sale and when I traded in my iPhone 4S, I got a credit and the whole thing ended up costing me only $35!  Since I was saving so much on the phone, I thought, maybe I can also get a good deal on a new iPad Air…  Next thing I knew, I was purchasing a new iPhone and a new iPad (on which I did save $50).  AND I wasn’t any further along on my curtains.  Sometimes I can get so easily distracted!

So pretty and shiny!

So shiny and new!

After spending too much money at Best Buy, I made my way over to Target.  I got some white thread among other things and headed back home.  My neighbor came by shortly after and gave me some homemade black eyed peas (for good luck) and some cabbage with meat that was delicious!  I love my neighbors!

So, I finally started measuring and cutting the fabric.  I had to turn my kitchen into a curtain factory.




I cut up all the pieces, and I wanted the curtains to be double-sided so that everyone can see the pattern from the exterior of the camper too.  This means double the amount of fabric!  I thought I had enough but alas, I was short by one yard.



So.. my curtain making project will extend into Thursday since I will have to make another trip to Joann Fabrics to buy one more yard.

In the meantime, I decided to take a break and eat some of my mom’s delicious homemade cherry pie (gluten free just for me).  Yummy distraction!