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My name is Jannica, and I live in Houston, Texas.  The dog you see in the picture is Baxter.  Wherever I go, Baxter usually goes too.  🙂  I just bought my very first vintage camper, a 1961 Shasta Compact, and I’ve decided to call her Junebug.   I have always thought it would be fun to write a blog, and this seemed like a fun topic to write about so here I am!  Here I will log my adventures and misadventures with Junebug and keep everyone up to date on my restoration journey.

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  1. I’m having fun reading your blog Jannica, thanks for sharing your journey renovating Junebug! I hope you take me camping somewhere once it’s done!!! 🙂

    • Thanks Kriti! I’m glad you’re enjoying reading about it. I miss you! You can definitely come on a road trip with me once I get Junebug all ready to travel again. You will of course have to come to the US, as I don’t think Junebug is prepared for any international traveling. haha 🙂

      • haha maybe we could take Junebug done to Mexico or Canada. Anyways, any trip would be fun! Such a nice project… I might come to Houston in March with Nawale for our friend’s wedding so I’ll definitely come and check it out!

  2. Cool, I hope I get to see you when you are in town! As you have seen, I’m in the process of taking Junebug apart, so there’s a good chance that in March, she’ll be all dismantled and not looking too cute. I have to make her ugly before she can really shine again!

  3. Jannica, I am super excited to find your blog – I bought a 1961 Shasta Airflyte and plan to restore it but have been ummm, nervous to start – not sure where to start and worried about what I might find. Watching you and reading your blog is encouraging!! Thanks for posting! Good luck with Junebug!

    • Thanks Denise! I’m so glad you found it encouraging! 🙂 That’s one of the reasons I started the blog, I was hoping it would help others out there who, like me, really wanted to start a project like this but needed to get up the confidence. 🙂 I hope you will follow along my journey and good luck with your restoration too!

  4. Great job with your new girl “Junebug” Looking forward to seeing more. I am working on a ’65 20 footer and I love to get ideas from others. Again, great job!

    • Thanks Erik! I also love getting ideas from others who are restoring campers. It’s just as much fun watching other restorations as it is doing my own. Good luck with your project! 🙂

  5. WOW i am impressed. are you married? i’ve been looking for 68 years for a woman that could use hand and power tools like you. don’t tell my wife of 46 that i said that. i have a shasta compact that i have owned for twenty years and i think i will restore it when i retire this year. thanks for the inspiration.

    • Hi Rodney, thanks for the compliment! Sorry I am just now responding, I haven’t been on my blog in forever! I’m now engaged and my fiance doesn’t know how to use power tools so I guess it’s good he found me! haha

  6. miss you blogging about Junebug adventures –

    • Aww thanks Wende! I miss writing posts too! I have been super busy for about the last year. I met a great guy and we’re now engaged, so in between camping trips in Junebug, we’ve been planning a wedding! Eventually I’ll get around to writing an update on here but at least that gives you an idea of why I have been MIA. 🙂

  7. Hi Jannica! I love your blog. Great info and such a cute little camper. I had a hard time finding where you ordered your aluminum skin from? Do you mind sharing?

    • Hi Heidi, sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment! Thanks for reading my blog. As you can see, I haven’t written any new posts in a long time. Once I finished my trailer, I got busy doing other things and I fell way behind on keeping up with my blog! I still go camping a lot but just haven’t written any updates. I wrote the name of the company in one of my blog posts, it’s called Hemet Valley RV. They’re located in California but they will ship anywhere in the US. Of course, something that size is pretty expensive to ship, but I tried finding somewhere closer and couldn’t find anyone else who could do it right. I was very happy with how it looked and it still looks shiny after a couple of years! 🙂


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