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Working Vacation – Day Two

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I almost didn’t post an update today because it was such a disaster.  But then I thought, maybe it would make me feel better to air my frustrations about today so I can move on from it and start fresh tomorrow. I go.

First thing..  the electrician was supposed to arrive at 8am this morning.  I am on vacation, and I didn’t want to get up too early, so I hit snooze a few times, then finally rolled out of bed around 7:45am.  I figured that would give me time to get dressed and take the covers off of Junebug to show the electrician…or NOT.  As soon as I rolled out of bed, the doorbell rang.  Normally being early is a good thing but not at 7:45am!!  I had to tell him to hang on so I could get dressed.  Then, when I walked outside, he apologized for waking me up and made a joke about how I woke up with makeup on.  I told him that I wasn’t wearing any makeup, and he said he knew that.  It was obvious that I wasn’t wearing makeup (which I rarely do around others because I feel weird and naked haha), so I’m not sure how in the world that was supposed to be funny, and it felt like an insult.  So, the day was already off to a bad start.  I then proceeded to remove the covers from Junebug to show him what I had been doing and what I needed done.  I basically told him I just wanted him to run some wiring and install a new plug for my mini fridge in the kitchenette.  He hesitated and took quite a bit of time inspecting the whole camper, not saying a word.  Then he asked, “what are you going to put around the outside of the camper?”  Geez.  He obviously doesn’t know a thing about campers, which he admitted openly.  The way vintage campers were wired was around the outside of the wall panels, through the support beams, yet underneath the insulation and aluminum outer skin.  He didn’t like this setup AT ALL.  He said that if it was his camper, he would rewire the whole thing and put all the wires on the interior.  ugh  I was quite frustrated at this point and told him that wasn’t an option.  He said I should do some research.  I told him I had already done my research.  Then he told me he couldn’t do the job and left.  I felt pretty deflated.  This just might stand in the way of finishing the camper by the end of July.  One positive was that he came and went pretty quickly, so it didn’t interfere with my trip to the zoo with my sweet cousin, Anderson.

Here we are in front of the giant tarantula.  We both had a great time despite the 100 degree heat so at least this was a bright spot in my otherwise crappy day.



After we were done at the zoo, I dropped Anderson off at home and decided to head over to RV Masters to ask them about my electrical issue.  They were very nice and even quite impressed with what I had done so far on the camper.  In fact, they offered me a job. hahaha  I guess at least I have that as a backup in case I get tired of HR.  They told me that all I needed to do was run a “piggy back” wire off the kitchen light fixture to the new outlet for the fridge.  Since that would only be two lights and three outlets on the same circuit, it shouldn’t overload it and trip it.  I will probably need to update the circuit breaker and plug with new ones as well as replace the wires with new wiring just to be on the safe side.  So, I changed my mind and decided that maybe I could do this job myself too.

When I got home, I felt a bit better, but I was pretty exhausted and wasn’t sure I could tackle that project today.  I decided to do some reading online about electrical circuits instead.

In the meantime, I thought about the fact that I hadn’t heard from the shipping company to schedule a time to deliver the new skin yet.  I decided to call Hemet Valley RV for an update.  They gave me the shipping company’s number and I called them.  Long story short, I got transferred a few times and then spoke to someone in Houston who was completely surprised that it was  residential delivery even though the order was supposed to indicate that it was based on the order I placed with Hemet.  She gave me a really hard time and said her driver wasn’t lifting anything.  Once again, I was disappointed and stressed because I wondered how am I supposed to lift two 100 pound boxes myself?  I called Hemet again, and he assured me that with a helper, we could move the boxes ourselves.  So I guess that problem is solved, I’ve enlisted the help of my friend, Jennifer, to come over when they arrive to help unload.  I’m still a little nervous about it though, those boxes will be big and bulky and not exactly lightweight.  Guess I will find out soon enough!  They were supposed to call me back today to schedule the delivery and they didn’t.  Big. Surprise.  Hopefully I’ll hear from them tomorrow while I’m at work, or they’ll be hearing from me!

I later decided I would try to clean the windows since that’s something that will need to be done eventually.  I started on the project, then decided I needed a tasty beverage because it was so hot outside.  My blender was dirty in the sink, so I started washing it to get it ready to make another frozen treat.  I realize that the blades on my Ninja blender are really sharp because I cut myself once before.  I must have gotten careless today because the next thing I knew, I had sliced my thumb open!  It was cut so deep it was purple.  Ouch!  After that, I gave up on the window cleaning.  The last thing I need is some 50 year old grime in my fresh cut.  Now, if I could just get the cut to stop bleeding four hours later, I would be in good shape.  I do not want to go to the doctor for a silly cut from trying to make myself a frozen drink!

So… now you can see why my day was not the best day ever.  I have to work tomorrow, but then Thursday I will be back at it again.  Hopefully it will go better than today.  It’s probably best for me to be working tomorrow anyway so that I’m forced into taking a break and can truly start fresh on Thursday.  I know that all of these problems are first world problems and I should think of the much bigger problems that some people have to put things into perspective.  I think I will remind myself of all the reasons I have to feel grateful tonight rather than wallowing in my sorrows about today.  Ok, it’s true, writing this post made me feel better.  Good night all and I will be back on Thursday. smile