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I hate waiting.  Waiting in line, waiting for my food to come at a restaurant, waiting for my friends to show up because I’m usually the first to arrive.  I guess you could say I have a problem with patience.  confused emoticon Today is my day off, and I had to spend the first part of it waiting for my  beautiful birch to arrive from Houston Hardwoods.  Luckily, they arrived around 10am, so I didn’t have to stick around all day long.  I’m pretty pleased with the wood I picked out and can’t wait to start putting some shellac on it!


Look at the beautiful wood grain on this piece!

I am also on pins and needles waiting for the guy I went out with last weekend to call.  He texted yesterday but today is Friday, and he still hasn’t asked me to do anything this weekend.   Why do guys always wait until the last minute?  Doesn’t he know I like to plan out my weekend in advance?  haha  I am apparently missing the “go with the flow” gene.   I’m also waiting for some fun things to arrive in the mail that I ordered for Junebug.  A few of them arrived yesterday and I was excited, but now I have to wait (once again) until Junebug is actually ready for them to be installed!


New tankless water heater 🙂


New plastic water fill (closed)


Plastic water fill (open). It even has a little hole so you can lock it if you’re worried about someone sabotaging your water supply. Hopefully other campers wouldn’t be that mean!

The other items I ordered should be here sometime next week.  I’m really excited about my “new” Shasta emblem I ordered from .  Also got a tank holder and a replacement glass globe for my gas lamp.

tank holder

New propane tank holder. My welder is going to weld this to my trailer frame in the front. 🙂

Shasta emblem

Don’t ask me how much I paid for this. These are apparently in really high demand!

Yesterday, I felt industrious after getting home from the gym so I decided to do my first attempt at gluing the birch veneer to the cabinet door.  It turned out beautifully!  Now I just need to do the three drawers, the rest of the cabinet face, the closet walls and door, and the shelves.  ugh  Oh well, at least I have one item done.  It actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be.  I just had to be careful to keep the veneer lined up with the edges.  I think I might leave a little extra next time just in case I don’t get it exactly straight.  I can always trim the excess.


Cabinet door – before


Cabinet door with veneer cut and ready to glue


All done! Now just needs a few coats of shellac


I’m now about to head to the Boneyard Drinkery with Baxter to meet a friend of mine with her dogs.  The Boneyard is the perfect place to spend an afternoon when it’s nice out in Houston.  I can’t spend all my time on Junebug and I’ve been neglecting Baxter lately, so it’s time for him to have some fun too!


Baxter in the bluebonnets. He’s so cute!

The welder is coming to my house to repair Junebug’s frame at 5:30pm.  I’m excited to get that done so that I can get the floor leveled.  The picture below is what I’m having him do as well.  He’s going to weld a bumper on with a spare tire mount.  I’m also going to make a custom tire cover that says Junebug on it.  Much cheaper than a personalized license plate and will have the same effect. smile emoticon


This is not Junebug, just a photo to give you an idea of what the bumper and spare tire mount will look like. (Just imagine a custom tire cover with Junebug written on it in lavender and white).