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Today, I continued my quest of glueing birch veneer onto the remaining bits of wood in the camper that aren’t getting replaced.  I was fairly successful, although today I had a few mishaps.


Pieces of veneer are cut and laying face down, ready for the coating of contact cement.

Once I got all of the pieces measured and cut, I got out my new can of contact cement and opened it up.   It’s much faster to pour a bit straight out of the can onto the veneer because it’s very porous and takes a lot of cement to really stick.  So, this is what I did.  Everything was going great until the can slipped and about half of my contact cement poured out onto the work table.  Let me clarify, it didn’t just pour out, it projectile vomited out of the can all over the place.  AAHH!!  It was about this very moment that I noticed the warning label on the top of the canister that said to shut off the main gas valve to the house before using due to the highly flammable fumes.   eek  This was very alarming seeing as how my hot water heater with a LIT PILOT LIGHT was about two feet away.  Needless to say, I did not stop to take a picture of the mess to post here and set about cleaning it up as quickly as possible.  I then ran to my room to get my fan and set it up to hopefully disburse the fumes before I burned my house down.  Since I am writing this now, you know that I am safe and didn’t burn down the house but I was really worried there for a minute!  It took me a while to get all of the contact cement off of my hands once I was done with this task.  I spent a few minutes wondering if I might have webbed hands after today.  This could have come in handy for swimming, but I really like having normal hands, so luckily my fingers separated after a few washes. biggrin  Maybe I should wear gloves next time…


Before: closet wall


Before: Cabinet face

  After about 20 minutes, I started to apply the veneer.  It did NOT go as well as yesterday, and I made a few mistakes.  I’m really hoping that once I apply the shellac and get everything put back in the camper, it won’t be very noticeable.


Finished cabinet face! All that’s left is to finish putting veneer on the drawers and then shellac everything. There are a couple of small spots that I need to touch up as well before applying the shellac but nothing major. The big opening is for the fridge.


Finished closet! I propped the door up in its place just to give you an idea. This will look so pretty once I get it shellacked.


Oops! You can see my seam and it doesn’t look too pretty. Hopefully I can cover it up somehow because this veneer isn’t coming off too easily.


As I was using my razor blade to trim around the edges on the cabinet face, I slipped and sliced my index finger right on the tip.  It was a pretty deep cut, oops!  I was just not having a very lucky day.  But at least I didn’t burn the house down (yet) so that’s looking on the bright side!  Now I’m off to relax and enjoy that last little bit of my weekend before returning to the daily grind tomorrow.  I wish I could quit my job sometimes but then I wouldn’t be able to fund this expensive hobby (and believe me, it’s not cheap!).

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  1. The difference between men and women doing any DIY stuff: Men will NEVER admit any mistakes along the way. Its sorta like the old asking for directions thing. You are doing a great job and mistakes will happen. Incidentally I had to completely repanel the entire rear not once…. not even twice but yes three times…..all because I didnt follow the “Measure twice cut once” rule and was rushing. Seriously though.. way to go!

    • Hahaha, yeah maybe you’re right. I don’t mind admitting my flaws when it comes to this project anyway since everyone knows I’m not an expert! Thanks for the words of encouragement, they definitely help when I’m feeling frustrated (like today). 🙂


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